minor annoyances: debug-printing enums

This is going to be another programming post.

One thing that always annoys me when working on a project in a language like C++ is that when I’m debugging, I’d like to print messages with meaningful names for the enumerated types I’m using.

The classic way to do it is something like this:

Note that I have perhaps too-cleverly left out the break statements because each case returns.

But this has problems:

  • repetitive typing
  • maintenance. Whenever you change the enum, you have to remember to change the debug function.

It just feels super-clunky.

I made a little class in C++ that I like a bit better because you only have to write the wrapper code once even to use it on a bunch of different enums. Also you can hide the code part in another file and never see or think about it again.

C++11 lets you initialize those maps pretty nicely, and they are static const, so you don’t have to worry about clobbering them or having multiple copies. But overall, it still blows because you have to type those identifiers no fewer than three times: once in the definition and twice in the printer thing.


I Googled a bit and learned about how Boost provides some seriously abusive preprocessor macros, including one that can loop. I don’t know what kind of dark preprocessor magic Boost uses, but it works. Here is the template and some macros:

And here’s how you use it:

Now I only have to list out the enumerators one time! Not bad. However, it obviously only works if you control the enum. If you are importing someone else’s header with the definition, it still has the maintenance problem of the other solutions.

I understand that the C++ template language is Turing-complete, so I’m suspect this can be done entirely with templates and no macros, but I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to start. Perhaps one of you do?

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