nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersApropos of nothing, I have written a very simple Chrome extension (and a Firefox add-on) that replaces references to the Short-Fingered Vulgarian with any of several other aliases. The initial “seed” for the list came from Jezebel, which published a list of 70 such names for the Cheeto-Faced Ferret’s 70th birthday.

I really should take the time to make this plugin user-configurable, so that you can add your own insults.  However, that seems a lot of work for something that basically works ok as it is. If you want to see the (very simple) code, check it out here on Github. I’ll take pull requests. [Edit 7/6: have now done this and the link above points to the new version. Original version still available here.]

I plan to add new insults as I come across them (feel free to provide), at least through November 2016. If you have suggestions, please note that I’m only using family-friendly insults.




PS — A few people have noted that the plugin doesn’t run on this or that website. That’s because it uses a whitelist of websites. I chose to do this to make the plugin as compatible and friendly as possible. It will run on the New York Times, but not on GMail, for example, nor will it interfere with your transactions at First National Bank of Trump. If you are running the current version, Detrumpify2, you can change that list yourself by adjusting the configuration file. If using the “classic” version, you’ll have to write me and ask to change it, and when I do, you’ll have to re-approve the plugin with the new permissions. Because of that, I’m going to try to avoid adding new sites to the “classic” extension too many more times.


11 thoughts on “Detrumpify”

    1. It depends on whether you are installing for chrome or Firefox. For chrome, you obviously must be running chrome, and I think it may be necessary to be logged into chrome. Then when you bring up the chrome link in the post, there will be an install button. Click it and approve the permissions, and you should be good to go. Alternatively, you can go to the Chrome Web Store and search for detrumpify.

      For Firefox, it is similar, except that you must be running Firefox to start, of course.

      I checked they links in the post and they are correct.

      Please note that detrumpify does not run on all websites. This was to avoid potential compatibility problems and confusion when detrumpify affects your email or banking or whatever. Therefore, it runs only on about 30 sites from major newspapers and media outlets.

  1. Have you created a filter to get rid of his ugly face? I find that the reference to him in words (the filter) is working, but I would love not to look at his stupid expressions and annoying better than everyone look that is overtaking the net!!!

    1. In fact, I have. It doesn’t work all the time, but it works a lot. Go to the options icon in the upper right and then set “Kittenize” to one of the settings other than “Off”. Trump pictures will be replaced by blanks or kittens, depending on what you set. The “More Kittens” setting is more aggressive about finding Trump pictures, at the expense of probably turning some non-Trump pictures into kittens.

  2. LOVE this extension. Makes me laugh every single bloody time!

    Idea for one (I’m sure that you get these a lot): something like “Personification of passing a kidney stone”?

    1. It is no technical work to do McConnell. The work is to get a good list of insults! I’ll do him when I get at least five good ones that cannot be confused with anyone else. I’m open to suggestions!


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